Trident User Manual v 1.0.3

This document serves as a guide to using a Trident portal trust group management system [1] as a trust group administrator or a trust group member.

Trident Login Page

Trident Login Page


This is not an official document of the Trident project or its sponsors. In some places it cites and/or refers to content on the Trident web site. It was written based on the author’s own experience as a trust group member who has used the ops-trust (and now Trident) portal system [1] as well as membership in multiple other closed security groups since the late 1990s. Its purpose is to support a pilot deployment of a Trident portal as part of the Distributed Incident Management System (DIMS) project. DIMS uses a Trident portal at the core of a larger open source distributed system for incident response event management. You can find more information on DIMS, including links to source code and other related documentation, at

[1](1, 2) Thanks to Paul Vixie who designed, implemented, and operated the original Ops Trust software infrastructure for its first few years. In response to an early request from Nick Ianelli, Vixie virtualized the original Ops Trust membership and trust set into a single silo inside of a new multiple-memberships multiple-trust-sets system. Such silos needed a category name, and in that moment, Vixie coined the term “trust group”. This may have been Vixie’s most important contribution, and in the spirit of innovation, it was accidental.